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One of the best features of Metapolex token is that there is no seed sale and no on sale. Only investors decide the future of this token.

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What is Metapolex

Metapolex token is the decentralized metaverse powered ecosystem of the future. Token MLX will auto burn 100 - 1% of every transaction. Thus, the supply of the token will decrease, which will increase the price. A new feature is that 100 - 1% will be distributed to those who hold our MLX token. It is testing metaverse-powered games and NFT projects, and will have its own NFT marketplace in the ecosystem.

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  • Airdrop 1.000.000
  • Taem 25.000.000
  • Marketing 50.000.000
  • Liquidity 125.000.000
  • Burn 19.000.000
  • Staking 230.000.000
  • Ecosystem 50.000.000

Why Should You Invest


Safe & Secure

To mention the part that concerns Metapolex customers; By storing personal information, a person's identity is kept confidential by us. An important factor for us.


Low Cost

There is a new low-cost support system in the Metapolex ecosystem.Users always have control over their funds. This reduces the costs associated with providing and using these products.


24/7 Support

Do not trust random messages of people claiming to be “support” or ever give out your wallet info to anyone. You can reach and get support via

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Allows Metapolex token holders to participate in airdrops and ten sales. Trading commissions will be distributed evenly to Metapolex holders.

Our Team

Serdar Allaberdyyev

Founder and CEO

Bayram Guney

Project Technical Lead

Emre Taylan

Advertising and marketing

Mustafa Yildiz

Designer and Software specialist
Partners and contracted exchanges

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Avrupa - Strazburg

+43 662 8525-026